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Performance Improvement and Innovation require perseverance -- according to Edison it takes "1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."


make it Simple with a compelling, focused idea, 

make it Clear with a concise scope and outcome, 

make it Real with working prototypes,

make it Happen by customizing it for all customers and areas,

make it Stick by creating accountability, incremental improvement and ownership.


This simple approach focuses on helping people achieve real outcomes. It works because it focuses on real change and results, not process and methodology.  It takes focus, involvement, perseverance and attention to detail.  The following insights show how it works across industries and projects - strategic, operational, organizational, technological, program management and innovation:  



With over 100 clients across the healthcare industry, including providers, payers, supplies and government, Verity provides strategy, operations, information and organization consulting to help meet the rapidly changing demands driven by the Affordable Care Act.


Our unique outcome-based approach quickly gets results by working with managers and staff to implement accountability, point of service feedback and focus on real outcomes.  The approach integrates operations, clinical and behavioral methodologies to ensure that key goals are aligned from the market to the bedside.  We focus on changing the organization by changing people's behavior and sustaining change through integrated monitoring, feedback and reporting of key performance metrics.  Managers and staff can only change outcomes if they have the abilities, goals, measurement and control.

Our cross industry experience, expertise and understanding help our clients to develop integreated strategies that address the changing requirements while achieving core clinical, economic and service outcomes.

Supply Chain


The supply chain revolution of e-retail, logistics and fulfillment has radically changed the nature of procurement.  The shift from Push to Pull strategy has turned the industry on its head.  Working in a near zero inventory, real time replenishment and mass customization environment has transformed the process, practices, information, controls and economics of almost every industry.

Verity has helped numerous clients across the manufacturing, distribution, retail and service industries to modernize and adapte their systems, processes and relationships to meet the challenge.  In addition, the necessity of global supply chains requires that companies manage far more complex and nimble planning and operations.


Our approach helps to simplify the quagmire of competing demands by focusing on customer requirements and outcomes.  We use rapid protoyping and innovation to acheive transformational change. 

Program Management


Many companies know they need to follow a more sturctured approach to the myriad of projects in their organizations but they just don't know where to start or how to implement a Program Management Office. And often, the top executives don't even know how many projects are in-flight in their organizations and don't realize the need to develop a portfolo view of all of their initiatives. Our approach is focused on five key phases to Program and Project Management:


1. Make is Simple: Keep the projects simple in scope. Simple is easier to execute.

2. Make it Clear. The reasons for executing the Projects or Programs should be communicated in one sentence, with clear, unambiguous language.

3. Make it Real: Perform a rapid prototype or proof of concept before going forward to assure success

4. Make it Happen: Moving quickly with flawless execution is imperative for suceess

5. Make it Stick: Build in measurement schemes to assure that the desired outcomes can be measured and repeated.

Performance Improvement


Verity Partners brings deep experience in all areas of performance improvement, including Lean/Six Sigma, Applied Behavioral Science, Innovation and Implementation.  We integrate and simplify these methods with our "Make It Simple" approach.  This approach focuses on achieving desired outcomes quickly without the complexity inherent in previous generation methods.

Make It Simple can achieve sustainable change in 90 days by focusing on the people and training staff in the essential tools for aligning goals, changing behaviors and meeting customer expectations.  Many performanace opportunities require little more than a simple statement of the problem, clear metrics, staff buy-in and reinforcement.

Our approach minimizes the need for outside analysts, facilitators and engineers by giving your managers and staff the abilities, motivation and control to make the required changes to achieve the desired result.

Strategy Execution


An effective strategy must be executable.  Most companies are good at defining a strategy, but require help implementing.  We believe that effective strategy is an iterative process that begins with clear outcomes and goals.  By building the key compotencies through customer-guided design and rapid prototyping, organizations can develop effective strategies that meet changing market demands.

Verity Partners brings deep experience in developing and implementing strategies across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, consumer business, manufacturing and IT services.  We have expertise in scenario-based planning and rapid implementation to test and verify the core components of the strategy.  "Only build it if they will come!"

We will work with you to verify your strategy, then design, test and implement the operations, systems, organization and financial processes reqiured for implementation.  We drive to make it simple, make clear, make it real, make it happen and make it stick.

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