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Our Approach: Make it Simple, Make it Clear, Make it Real, Make it Happen, Make it Stick!


Our Partners have over 100-years combined experience with Outsourcing of critical business functions. We can help you determine if Outsourcing is right for you, 

  • RFP Process Management

  • Vendor Management




Verity Partners is a consulting firm for the new realities of the 21 century workplace. We focus on the results and simplify the process without all the "Consutant Speak".  We get results - FASTER! Our expertise includes:

  • Project Management

  • PMO Implementation



Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities. Our approach is based on achieving meaningful results, not just pretty slideware.


We can help you with those areas most critical to your business:

  • Strategy

  • Strategy Execution

  • Operations

  • Performance Improvement

  • Organizationall Optimization

  • Logistics

  • Technology





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