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Verity Partners believes results are more important than fancy slides or mulit-hundred page methodologies.
Our approach: Make it Simple, Make it Clear, Make it Real, Make it Happen, Make it Stick! 
Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center
Patient Throughput and Surgical Services Perfromance Improvement


A 200 bed medical center was experiencing high patient wait times, admission boarding in the ER & OR and wide variance in patient lengths of stay.  The Verity team provided an end-to-end assessment of the patient throughput and surgical services processes and identified over 30 separate intiatives to implement best practices and improve performance.  

Integrated teams of physicians and staff worked together to identify behavioral and structural barriers.  These teams identified simple outcomes, clear solutions, real demonstrations of new capabilities and made the changes happen with shared understanding and visual management boards that provided team members with immediate feedback on achieving the shared outcomes.  Key to these improvements were managers who led teh projects using newly trained competencies in behavioral, project management and communication.

Healthcare is a service/people driven industry.  By focusing on educating and motivating the managers to help change behaviors and reinforce new consequences, Verity helped the organization to achieve breakthrough levels of sustained performance. 

Hitachi Data Systems
Complex Program Management for Sales Effectiveness


Working with Hitachi Data Systems,  we created a framework and processess for effective global Sales operations.  We began by looking at the team's objectives and then created simple guidelines, processes and tools to sturcture the team for success.  The end result was to develop a global Sales Governance framework with tools and processes to support the framework and provide  a seemless global operation using the same performance metrics and reporting schemas. HDS management now has a simple, consistent and easy method to manage global sales activities.

Interface Flooring
Financial Process Improvement and ERP Implementation


 Interface Flooring is a leader in commercial flooring and sustainable manufacturing.  They called on Verity Partners to help lead the implementation of new ERP financial automation to ensure that not only did the systems work, but that Interface made a leap forward in providing meaningful financial information to managers and leaders on a timely basis.  Verity led a team of software vendors and clients in the definition, design, development and implementation of the new financial process and systems.  The focus was on improved performance, not simply software installation.  Our customer-focused approach ensured that system implementation achieved shared performance goals and included the customer team in creating outcomes that met customer expectations for effective financial decision making.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Physician Integration and Patient-Centric Clinics


Vanderbilt University Health System has numerous physician practices across the Nashville metro area that worked as standalone offices.  The Physician Integration project identified and implemented best practices for a Patient-Centric Clinic that improved patient flow and satisfaction through streamlined patient scheduling and office best practices.  The implementation generated over $50million in bottomline impact.

Workforce Flexibility Strategy for the Major Retail Distribution Complex 


Nike, as the leading global producer and retailer of athletic footwear, apparel and athletic equipment expanded their North American operations into the largest distribution complex in North America.  Developing a more flexible model required innovative thinking about flexing the workforce and developing effective onboarding and training programs for distribution staff.

Verity helped lead the evaluation and selection of all temporary workforce vendors based on thet new selection process that defined flexible operations processes, structure, scope and organization for future operations for contingency workforce vendors.

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